Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bonfire of the brands :: a blog

This is interesting... albeit a wee bit sad. A journalist / DJ chap called Neil Boorman is de-branding his life and having a bonfire on the 17th September to get rid of all the brands in his life.

As a statement against today's consumer society I fully get it. However, could he not give the stuff to charity? I mean... as the stuff works and is in good nick... is it not worse to burn it instead of giving it a second and possibly more meaningful life?

I don't know... but I suggest you read his blog and make up your own mind.

Thanks to Coolhunting for the heads-up.

The manner in which we spend our money defines who we are. This theory isn't exactly new. Thorstein Veblen conjured the phrase "conspicuous consumption" back in 1899 in his book the Theory of the Leisure Class. In this secular society of ours, where family and church once gave us a sense of belonging, identity and meaning, there is now Apple, Mercedes and Coke../
Neil Boorman :: ((BBC News))

Paula has left a valid and valuable comment... but one I don't quite agree with. I totally agree that he is making a great and powerful statement and there is a sense of giving away porn mags ((love that analogy)) about passing his stuff to others but I still think burning this stuff is a waste. At the end of the day, his clothes are simply that clothes - give then to charities who could benefit from them... recycle them... give them away to people who need them (not want them).

If brands are evil (and I agree that they can be) then usurp them... resist them... by buying from charity shops where the profits actually make a difference... or by buying from small, local and independent producers;

What do you think? Leave a comment and join the conversation ((Thanks Paula for your contribution!))

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Paula said...

Interesting. I see what you are saying about recycling the stuff, but that misses the point. He is making a huge statement, and he is making it publicly. He believes brands are evil, so giving them away would be like giving away one's porn magazines once one decides to stop looking at them.

He is really going to the extreme, not even buying brand shampoo! Wow. No wonder he is anxious. Our world revolves around corporations--they have quite a control on us.

Anonymous said...

I applaud him for his effort, but comparing giiving his stuff away is like giving porn magazines away is a bit of a stretch for me. He can take his stand, but don't impose it on others. It's a waste to burn the stuff when there are needy people who need stuff. They may not agree with his stance and why should they have to suffer by having his views imposed on them? Sad.

Anonymous said...

zhI agree with teh principle of breaking free of brand obsession, but to burn the stuff is, in my view, bordering on a crime. Within 100 feet of my front door is a housing estate with over 2,500 living on it, most of whom could benefit from what will be burned. For me, that is just waste.

I applaud his sentiment, just not the way he is working it out.


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