Friday, August 11, 2006

New Music :: AlpineChic's ((ALPINATION)) compilation

I've blogged about the other compilations in alpinechic's arsenal :: ((Swiss Circus in Stereo)) and ((Higher Underground)) :: I really enjoy them and still trip out when I consider they were free!

The third compilation from those Zurich cool cats is ((alpination)) and I have to say it doesn't disappoint... It lives up to the high standard set by the previous 2 comps.

Stand out tracks include the opening electro work out by Camp :: the war goes on; the seductive 80's vibe of Pureape :: she's nothing; and the acoustic guitar, vocoder and beats of Le Zero :: butterfly;

Another bleeding edge compilation chock full of lush vocal electronica and sweet synth goodness that's worthy of space on your iPod.

Check it out...

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