Thursday, August 31, 2006

((deep)) :: the inital email is away!

...I attach a mindmap that was developed in conjunction with Jon G, who has been instrumental in creating this shared vision.

((deep)) is about creating a space where prayer and worship... creativity and expression... fun and laughter... can safely collide. It is taking the concept of the 24-7 boiler room and expanding it to create a place where predominately young people can come and share their stories with their peers... where networks and relationships can begin... where people can do "church" without it resembling their preconceived notions of "church"... where people talk about their faith and can open up to the Spirit's leading... where healing can take place and lives can be transformed...

((deep)) needs a home... a foundation from which to grow... Glasgow doesn't, to my knowledge, have a 24-7 boiler room and I see this as a disgrace. We can change that and, in doing so, bring alive the collective spirituality of, not only the division's young people, but the young people from the West of Scotland. The boiler room is only the start. I see ((deep)) as being a space our young people wait in line to enter and are thrown out of at closing... if we close!

Jon and I would be grateful if you could take time to review the attached mindmap... and give us some time to discuss our proposition over a coffee. We are not looking necessarily for funding... what we need is space... a place, like City Centre Corps, that could accommodate a boiler room... with space for performance and art and music.

I trust this makes sense... and this is something that you could support.

There is a desire for this form of expression... Mountain top experiences at Roots or Youth Councils are no longer enough... and their is a definite movement towards incarnational and missional expressions that do not follow the present "norm" within a traditional Army setting. Its about the "ancient future" about looking to our roots as a guide to our future.
Extract of the initial proposal for ((deep))

The email is away to our Divisional Commander... the ball is now rolling... please hold ((deep)) in your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that people are doing something for glasgow, if you need any help, give us a shout. Talked to Ivor about this boiler rooms at music school, and he feels glasgow really needed something like this. Should be well recieved. Will be praying. Bless XD
ps. laura L and colin S both have blogs now. Theres a link on my page for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i love the idea of a boiler room. i think that they are really needed, especially in big cities such as glasgow. Im encouraged to hear that something is being done.
I'll keep ((deep)) in my prayers.
pass my love on to the family
Laura L


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