Thursday, August 17, 2006

Idea :: ((deep)) #3

I have discussed ((deep)) before :: ((link)) :: and have expanded the view to include an independent space for creative prayer & intercession...

Plan to take this forward within the next few weeks and will keep you posted.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey, was inspired to have a look at this when looking at ur nanolog. This is weird. Colin scott and I were talking about the need for something like this last wednesday. Sitting in the starbucks in borders we talked about why the street evagelist outside with the megaphone was never going to get anywhere. Recently read "red moon rising", the story of the 24-7 prayer movement, if you havent read it, read it. We talked about how fantastic it would be to open a neo or boiler room or whatever other name you want to give it on buchannan street or in the main city center, because looking at the skaters, goths and other young people hanging around, it was obvious that they were all looking for something to give their lives reason, and they need us to get out there and build relationships with them, so yeah this gave me a lot of hope for those people and i hope it goes well. All the ideas down there are all the things we talked about and its amazing that so many people in the army have the same ideas and goals but never notice that others do too. Just thought id share. lol.

Alistair XD

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alistair...

I read "red moon rising" while in Italy in July and was totally inspired... we have it round the wrong way - we need to lead from a position of weakness... from our knees... from total dependence on God.

We all share the vision for a reason... God wants this to happen in Glasgow this year. Its up to you and me to make it happen... it wont arrive on a plate... we need to make it work in God's strength.

Thanks again... keep in touch


Anonymous said...


Great model / ideas - first time viewing of it for me - how about adding 'prayer walkin' to that too - around area or zone designated in Glasgow, and 'prayer-walkin' each of our own communities or towns / cities too or specific areas where situations / circumstances require prayer.

Have you read Pete Greig's book before Red Moon Rising which is called 'Awakening Cry'?

Blessings to you, Olwyn and girls.



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