Thursday, August 24, 2006

I love Stevie Wonder

I am a huge Stevie Wonder fan... I just love his voice... and his music... Even the OST to Lady in Red rocks. I am, however, kind of stand-offish to his new stuff and do tend to dwell on his golden era.

Over a period of 5 years... King Stevie recorded and released five of the best soul albums ever. End of. These albums just rule. No contest. Game over!

First off we have :: Music of my Mind from 1972.

...then you have Talking Book (also 1972 - he was busy!)

In 1973, King Stevie recorded and released one of my personal favs :: Innervisions...

...and in 1974 (year I was born) he followed it up with Fulfillingness' First Finale
- talk about a winning streak!

Lastly, we have the opus that is Songs in the key of life released in 1976.

I am so grateful to my girls for their gift of Songs in the key of life and love having it on the iPod... in the car... on the stereo... Fab!

If you don't have these albums in your collection... then stop what you are doing and run down to FOPP and give your ears... and your soul a treat with some truly inspirational music.

G'on yersel King Stevie.

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Johnny said...

Oh yes...Stevie's the man!


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