Thursday, August 31, 2006

EP is back

My fav stalker in this new world... Miss [EP] is back with a couple of fab posts.

First off, she links to this article on BBC News about a chap who was forced to remove his tee because it has arabic writing on it that means we will not be silent (pictured above). What is this world coming to? Its acceptable to wear F*C*U*K tees but not tees that express an opinion... and a very valid opinion at that.

Secondly, she makes a great point about faith:
I see fundamentalism of any kind, but especially in Christianity, falling into a "low tolerance for uncertainty" that is violently held onto with white knuckles. As followers of Christ, we must remember to hold onto doctrine, beliefs, practices, etc. loosely as we are finite beings incapable of nailing everything down in this life we live on earth. With faith comes the freedom to believe, yet still question, doubt, and be ok with not having all of the answers. Faith is a mystery and is an avenue to "allow" us to "be" and continually 'become" a follower of Christ.
Get EP in your RSS readers and hassle her to blog more... you never know... she might stalk you too!!!

PS EP... keep being who you are! and to the clown who said she was a stalker... its your loss!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I really appreciate your friendship and support and for believing in me! i really can't wait for the day i meet you and Olly and we get to hang together! If yer ever in the States and come to Virginia, know you and yer fam have a place to stay!


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