Monday, August 28, 2006

There's a new track out by [ 4th alternative ]

Have you ever wondered what the South Park Headphonaught was listening to?

Well this morning it is a new track from Rob Davies aka Rojavida aka ((4th Alternative)). I love ambient music and I love netlabels... and a while back I blogged about Rob's album [ new dawn ] because it just hit the spot.

Well he's been busy and created a new track called Mote which is presently available to hear on his MySpace page. It is a lovely piece of 10min ambience. It lives and breathes... with a central theme that sounds like distant church bells. There is a sense of presence and comfort... which makes it powerful listening while in bed... escaping the world for a wee while... on an English bankholiday that no one else has.

Love it. Can't wait to download it. Check it out.

Shaun the Monkey is a kind soul... He sent me MOTE on mp3...and I love it. Netlabels RAWK!!!

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