Monday, August 28, 2006

My riches consist :: A thought...

I like to keep current with what's what with trainers... tee-shirts... portage... you know, freshness and design in all its forms. I read blogs like Coolhunting / Josh Spear / Jeff Staple's blog / Product Dose / Hypebeast / High Snobiety etc and work on my stuff-lust.

I found this pick for Ltd mag fascinating... because it is a sentiment that I never expected from what I saw as being a consumer more-more-more culture.

It got me thinking... Over the last wee while my wants have got smaller... and I feel better... richer... for that. I no longer desire the riches of having lots... but have the riches of wanting less. Don't get me wrong... I still have things I want. You just need to take a look at my wishlist over at thisnext to see some of the stuff I would like... if I could afford them. And that's the thing... affording... needing... both come before wanting.

I bought a bag today... an Eastpak messenger bag / briefcase for my work. My camo Stussy messenger is no longer suitable for work (Boss commented). It cost me £16. Did I need it? Well, actually, no I didn't... but I didn't think the Windows Developer Conference bag I was given a while back was really me. There is irony and there is irony!

I didn't buy a supersweet pair of green (yes... green!) Nike Footscapes. I didn't need them... I have about 30 pairs of trainers...and don't need another pair that will only go with a couple of tees.

I also left a Modern Amusement polo on the shelf too. Not needed.

Less is truly more. Its not about having stuff... its about having the right stuff... and focussing my efforts on things that have actual value like my faith... my family and friends... my community! And even if I don't have the right stuff... who actually cares? If my shoes are wrong or my jeans are too baggy or my tee is last season... and you know this then, my friend, get a life! Judge me on what is in my heart... what my actions and reactions are... don't judge me on the outer but on the inner.

Check out the blogs above... they make good reading... but always question your motives : do you actually need it?

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