Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Conversation over coffee...

Had a conversation tonight with our minister :: Capt Alec :: with regards to Olly and myself getting involved in planting a new expression of church. I can't go into any detail at the moment but we are thrilled to be asked... and really excited at the thought. Its very early days - got to do the research - but it does hold a lot of promise.

So I leave you with 2 questions... What would make church relevant to you? and if we were involved in planting a new expression... would you come along?

PS The pic has no relation to the post...but just kind of felt right.


Jonathan Blundell said...

Hey that's great - I hope it all works out.
My church leadership has asked me to take on a more active role with the church's media.
I'm excited, thrilled and honored to be asked.
I'm looking forward to being used.

caldjr said...

superb news Thomas. Hope it works out for you and Olly in this respect. This idea of "new expression of Church" is great even if it is nothing really new - after all thats really how TSA started. Taking the message of the Gospel of Jesus to a hurting world in whatever way makes it relevant to them. In my view (rightly or wrongly) for a Church to be relevant to people today, it needs to be open and free - by that I mean providing a clear message that is not caught up with religiosity. A message that is free for people to access at their level and still feel comfortable. A message that allows people to grow closer to God at an individual pace and not just skim along with the pack. But in order for this to happen, the message must not be compromised. It must still be the clear message of Jesus. Its a tough balance to get but its worked in the past and can work again.
In terms of would we come, well we are firmly settled in Glenrothes but would certainly support you both in prayer and guest leadership/music (playing and performing)/whatever else, as God directed.
Blessings to you pal.

Paula said...

Bit of a paradox here, but in order for church to be relevant to me, it has to quit being church. I don't want sermons and lame music and a million different meetings to attend during the week. I want to share my story, hear other's stories, of being Christ for others. I want to eat with my friends. I want to be inspired by creativity, not numbed by tradition. I want to worship whenever I feel like it, not at a pre-determined time and in a pre-determined way.

In otherwords, I am getting all of my "church" needs met outside of church. I think the only reason we keep going is that our daughter would miss seeing her friends.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks to everyone for your blessings and encouragement. Will keep you posted.

JD :: Media is a great opportunity for you - well done!

Dan :: Thanks. Church needs to be in God's strength, not our own... I think thats a failing of the SA in Scotland just now - we are doing things in our own.

Hey BL :: Hope you are feeling well? Hope the Maranatha Camp went well? When will we see you next?

Humfer :: You are an inspiration!

Paula :: Know exactly where you are coming from... and that's kind of where we are going.

Pernell :: Honoured... and grateful. You are an inspiration! I'll be in touch to tap your Mekon-like brain.

Shalom - love you all!


caldjr said...

Church needs to be in God's strength, not our own... I think thats a failing of the SA in Scotland just now - we are doing things in our own.

Would probably add The Salvation Army in most places actually Thomas - not just Scotland. Thankfully, it seems the balancing is starting to shift and more and more Salvation Army places of worship are beginning to put God first and run in His strength rather than battling upstream in our own strength without any paddles. The term 'Church' is beginning to actually mean a group of people who love and worship God and are ready and willing to do His Will, rather than just meaning a drab building where some people gather every now and then.
Will follow your progress with interest pal. Our next Candidates Interview will be October/November time - who knows what that will bring!

caldjr said...

Sorry Thomas - me again! Just read some stuff on missiome about relevance in Church and stuff like that. sure he wont mind me quoting:
Sometimes we get all obsessive about this whole 'relevance' thing. If only we had the most up-to-date music, the best sound system, club style lighting, great AV - everyone would flood back to church. But that simply isn't true. ... We end up producing hollow replicas - and the world will see right through us. What the world is interested in is authenticity ... Nothing Jesus did was a gimmick ... To chase relevance is to chase a shadow, a ghost - we're always going to be a step behind society, trying to catch it up rather than trying to set the pace! Kingdom living is all about changing the world, not trying to keep up with it! To chase authenticity is to be. We don't need new names, new logos, new strategies if we're listening to what God is calling us to be. We need Christ. We need to be us.
Sorry for the big quote but thought this might help the discussion here - certainly caught my attention. Read the whole post on missiome.blogspot.com/

weareallghosts said...

Your last quote is well placed... and I would temper it by saying we don't want a church that seeks to be relevant only to its congregation either.

We need God's divinity and our humanity for it to succeed. It is about the 2s and 3s gathered in HIS name... not in the name of the band or whatever distracts us.

Thanks for contributing... keep it up!

Johnny said...

You have my prayers, Thomas & Olly.

You are entering a very exciting period in your life, and God will be with you all the way.

Be blessed, my bro.

J :-)

"God can do...far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!"

Ephesians 3.20 The Message


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