Sunday, August 20, 2006

Coming Soon...

Getting ready for the Autumn Alpha Bellshill Salvation Army.

Looking to start on the first Monday in October and over the following 10 weeks build upon the success of the Spring series. We'll have a big meal followed by live music from our in-house worship band :: BLOC. Afterwards we'll have live teaching from our "ministers" Captains Alec & Andrea Still.

As always we are looking for ways to improve and evolve... and this series will be slightly different from the last series. We are going to run the follow-on course A life worth living for people who wish to develop their understanding of the Christian faith.

Basically... everyone will share in the meal and worship... and then will break out into two groups for the teaching. We will come back together for coffee and a catch up and then split out again for discussion.

Its the first time we'll have ran both together but it is important to allow people to share in what I believe to be an essential expression of church :: sharing stories over a meal. We found that people were continuing to attend Alpha even though they had moved on just to share their stories over the meal. This will allow them to move on AND share with their community in a way that "Sunday" church doesn't.

A lot of prep work needing done... but Olly and I are up for it! and are part of a great team of folk :: Alec & Andrea, Kenny & Sarah, Bobbito & Diane, Roscoe :: who'll make this happen.


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