Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hangin' with friends

Spent yesterday with Janey and Roscoe... Janey needed some peace and quiet... so for some strange reason she came over to stay at ours.

We went to the Hamilton Museum to check out some new work by local young folk. Some interesting work on youth identity and their thoughts and fears. Check out some of my pics here :: ((link))

The we'ans had a laugh dressing up... as did some of the adults too. Hamilton Museum is a great resource to have on your doorstep... They have a lot of content on the area... and the Cameronians. The exhibition by the young folk is a welcome additon.

Afterwards... we headed to the Lead Hills... to the Menock Pass for a picnic.

The Menock Pass is glorious. It is a big valley with a road and stream through it. Folk camp out here... bring their caravans down and stay a while.

There is a wonderful sense of peace and quiet... of stillness and yet movement with the running water... Truly a beautiful place to be. A thin place where you can feel the presence of God through His creation.

It is always good to go there... come rain or shine... and its sweet to take friends, enjoy a picnic and just take time out.

Afterwards, we went to the Lead Hills Mining Museum... We were going to check out the exhibition but we missed the last tour. We had a nice coffee in the cafe [ isn't it cool that almost everywhere has a coffeeshop... ] Check out the pics here :: ((link))

We headed home and Olly made her fab cheese and bread pudding... we played Point Blank on the PS2 and chilled.

Later on... we had a scare when Olly found a lump behind Miriam's ear. Janey was fab... she is a nurse and helped to keep things calm while we got medical help. She then went to the Hospital with Olly.

Miriam is getting back to normal - its a bad and ackward bruise... that will need anti-biotics to help relieve. It gave us a fright.

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