Monday, August 14, 2006

What a weekend...

Been a busy weekend... hence the lack of posts over the weekend.

Although technically not the weekend proper...things kicked off with a bagel and latte with my pal from Carluke :: Pauly C. Its always good to catch up with him - he has been a great help at my work and is a good mate.

After work I had the pleasure of meeting up with Janey... She picked me up from Glasgow and stayed over to watch Big Brother and just hang out. Always fun. We are actually thinking about changing the name of our spare room from the Apple room to Janey's room.

On Saturday... Olly and Janey took the girls into Glasgow to try on dresses for Janey's wedding. I took the opportunity to nip through to see the Soos. No plans... no agenda... just hangin' which was lovely.

We had some great sushi, tempura and noodles in Sushiya...

...and then ended up at the National Gallery of Scotland's exhibition for ((Ron Mueck)) and had the pleasure of enjoying his work. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pics so this pic (above) is from the microsite - its the Soos' fav. Its an amazing show. Ron Mueck is really talented... and his use of perspective is awesome. The woman in bed is tremendous. I actually had a funny feeling... kind of like vertigo... a sense of looking up at your mother in bed when you were a we'an... truly awesome!

After a wee bit of shopping... we headed back to the Soos' pad to listen to tunes and hang. Really was great to just chill with my pal and check out some fab new music (will post on some new finds shortly).

Headed home at the wrong time and got caught in the Hearts football traffic. It was a case of putting on the Trip with Tom Middleton and just taking it easy... no point getting stressed.

Had the pleasure of Janey and Roscoe's company in the evening... grabbed a curry and watched Shaun of the dead on Sky. What a funny film! Language is terrible... but beyond that... its really funny.

Sunday was great... spending time with friends at church... I posted Andrea's sermon previously - powerful stuff.

In the afternoon, we took Pippin for a walk to meet and greet Daniel & Caroline's wee pup... Trixie Sweet little thing... Reminds me of Pippin as a pup. It was fab to just take a walk at Strathclyde Park. Its an amazing space just on our doorstep.

Today, at lunchtime, I had a fab coffee with Innes J - we talked new expressions of church and planting and being missional in today's society. He has a similar calling to myself and has some fab ideas for equiping people wanting to plant and represent in their community. Going to explore these ideas further with him and post them.

Lastly, tonight we headed out (after I got home from my work) to one of my fav places :: Lanark Loch :: with Olly and the we'ans... and my mum & dad. Had a peaceful walk and some fun & games. Great fun.

Been a great few days... Its amazing what happens when you live life on a daily basis and just enjoy every moment God gives.


Anonymous said...

Always good to hang out with you all too....

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

How true

Love u all speak soon

Janey xoxo

Anonymous said...

Shaun of the Dead will be a cult classic - I nearly cried in parts it was so funny. Glad you had a great week-end!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable evening at Lanark - thanks to Olwyn for the idea. Where is the picture of you and your mum playing tennis?
What was so good was the simple yet valuable experience of 3 generations just being together!


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