Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Music :: ((an announcement to answer)) by [Quantic]

Been slack in not thanking the Soos for passing on ((an announcement to answer)) by [Quantic] aka the genius who is Will Holland.

It is truly an amazing album that's got me back into the whole souljazzlatinfunkybeats vibe again. It is a truly vibrant and upbeat album... Stand out track, for me, is blow your horn with Ohmega Watts rappin'... Not big on rap but this hit me like back in the day when Arrested Development and Digable Planets were droppin' goodness into the mix.

In addition, I am loving Quantc's 2 Hour DJ Set @ Bucharest's 'Studio Martin' which is posted on his space for download :: ((link)) :: its a fab mix that captures the influencial flavours that the Quantic Masterchef feeds the people with. Love it.

Lastly, suggest you check out ((Coolhunting)) to see Will Holland diggin' and talkin' music.

Check it out.

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