Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If I was in Japan on the 3rd...

I love [pingmag] and think the line up to their free mini-festival looks pretty interesting in a leftfield kind of way. I won't be in Japan on the 3rd... but if I was, I'd check it out.

Now... when can we have a festival? OK... here's a game to play... Fantasy Festival :: 8 artists / bands - only one can return from the dead. Who & why?

My festival would have ::

* Bebel Gilberto... I have always wanted to see/hear her live.
* 4hero... I love their music.
* Tom Middleton / Global Communication... Tom is a DJ genius and 76:14 is a classic.
* Tim Hughes... He writes redemption songs that just touch my heart.
* Broadcast... I have seen them 4 times live and they put on a great show.
* Quantic / Quantic Soul Orchestra... Yeah, I know I am cheating but I love Quantic's sound.
* Iona... They are one of my fav bands and bring me peace in this busy world.
* Led Zeppelin... Do I really need to answer?

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Johnny said...

Hmmnnn....OK, I'll give it a go (and this counts for today only):

In no particular order:

Santana: Saw them in the 70s, Saw them in the 00s - brilliant both times.

Julie Fowlis - was completed captivated by her band, Dochas, on a track on a compilation album I picked up in FOPP a few months back, so now I'm keen to find out more.

Ry Cooder: Mr Electic Electric - pure genius.

Bill Frisell: Long time jazzy fave.

MUSE: They had completely passed me by, but saw them on TV at Reading, and was seriously impressed.

k d Lang - sings so beautifully, it makes you wanna cry


The passed away one: This was the hardest - there are so many,but I'd probably have to go for Bassist Numero Uno, Jaco Pastorius

Paula said...

1. Woven Hand-David Eugene Edwards freaks me out, he is so talented.

2. Soul Junk-I saw them twice before, and their live show is crazy, totally unique!

3. Danielson Familie-Hard to think of a more creative bunch...

4. Tom Waits-...except maybe Mr. Waits.

5. The Rheostatics-Canadian band that put out albums that feel like you've owned them for 20 years, and I mean that in a good way.

6. Michael Frente-oh yeah!

7. Sarah Harmer-another Canadian artist; she sings like a down-home angel.

8. BACK FROM THE DEAD-this one was hard to choose. I've gone with the obscure "Rose Maddox and the Maddox Brothers", because I sing a lot of their songs and I never ever once got to see them live because they recorded music over half a century ago. They are crazy and silly and would be fun live.

weareallghosts said...

John... Cool choice with Santana - Abraxas is in my top 20 fav albums! but, hey, how old are you to have seen them in the 70's? Others are great... especially Bill Frisell and Jaco - fusion rawks!!!

Paula... Some new-to-me music there! Gonna be busy checking them out. Know Tom Waits with his mechanic's lamp... and have a Soul Junk somewhere. Cool!

Johnny said...

The 70s...hmmmn.... I was thinking about that last night, and maybe I lied...but it must be a close call. I was living in Bedford - moved there in '77 as a 14 year old, got into Santana & went to a gig with a mate at the RAH. I figure I musta been working to afford a ticket, so that would probably make me 19, so I guess that would be '82.(maybe?) It's all a bit hazy though! ;-))) Old age - it's a wonderful thing.


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