Thursday, August 24, 2006

The definition of "Portage"

According to ((, Portage means...
"...the act of carrying; carriage."
Porterage on the other hand means...
"...The carrying of burdens or goods as done by porters."
I guess I have been using the wrong word for my obsession with bags... and things to put things in. I should have been using portage instead of porterage... for the things I use when I am carrying something. We live and learn.

I have to say that when it comes to [Manhattan Portage] its not the act of carrying but the art. I love their bags and once had a dream to open a MP store in Glasgow.

My fav bag is their ((J-bag)) - it has a really innovative style and is really practical for accessing your stuff without the need to remove it from your back.

I was really grateful when Janey sourced one for me when she was in NY a wee while ago. You can't get J-bags in Glasgow... although some trendy shops do sell some MP at inflated prices. Thanks pal!

Anyway... if you are looking for some sweet portage... check them out!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I remember looking for that bag..... think I was in every street except the correct one then when i did find it it was only open certain days argh....

Anything for a friend tho!!!

Johnny said...

My sister in law & family live in Portage, MI, USA! ;-)

weareallghosts said...

Janey :: It was appreciated

Matthew :: Blog battles are fun!

John :: Cool


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