Friday, August 04, 2006

The Liberty Bible

I am not easily offended... Takes more than an Irn Bru advert to get me hot under the collar. However, I found this while surfing the web and I have to say I am offended. Jesus was not an American... The Bible is not American... So why is there an American flag on this Bible?

I am not anti-American but I see this as commoditising the Bible... making it fit to a country...and a nationalistic patriotic ideal. The Bible is for everyone... or it was the last time I checked John 3:16

Jesus is beyond boundaries. How does this look to places where the Bible isn't accepted..? where it isn't free to worship who/how you want..?

I am sorry if I offend you but this is just so wrong... and it makes me feel sad.

However, I have to say these parodies by Michael Kruse are very funny :: ((link)) :: and on point.

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Michael Kruse said...

Thanks for the link!

caldjr said...

What makes this even more annoying Thomas is the fact its the Contemporary English Version. I share your annoyance brother.

Johnny said...

You should check out this link for more thoughts on the same subject

Jonathan Blundell said...

My pastor has a better version... Click here


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