Friday, August 25, 2006

I [heart] coffee

I was having a laugh today at work... I have and maintain 3 loyalty cards for coffeeshops in Glasgow and beyond. Caffe Nero... Beanscene... and my new favourite The Coffee Merchant.

I collect the card for Nero but don't trade it in... I pass it to my pal ((Andy)) who has given 10 days a month to working on the edge in his community. He needs your Nero cards so he has something to nurse while he uses their broadband.

I picked up the card for Beanscene when I had breakfast with the Soos a while back... their place near his flat in Haymarket, Edinburgh; is really cool. Hope to be back there soon. They also have a fab place across from the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, which is a fav place to take Olly to.

I am... however... loving being on the doorstep of The Coffee Merchant - its a fab wee independent in the Merchant City in Glasgow. The staff are cool (one girl was singing along to Tom Jones this morning which made me smile) and their lattes are super-dooper! and only £1.40 to go... which is outrageous... and 80p cheaper than Starbucks.

So anyway, come to Glasgow and we can do coffee.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My friend, thanks for the invite! The next time i am in Glasgow i will take you up on that offer. Also, thanks for your encouraging words and i will take you up on them - stalking you and olly! LOL!!!!


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