Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mrs Headphonaught has a blog!!!

Mrs Headphonaught aka Olly aka [ littlelaughalot ] has started down the slippery slope of blog-dom... and kicked off with a fab post on the whole I'm-a-member-of-the-Salvation-Army-and-I-don't-drink scenario.

Its going to be good...

Check it out...and give her your support.

PS :: ((JonnyLaird)) got there before me... and I'm not quite sure how he did it... but I'm glad he did!

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Johnny said...

Me neither! I can't believe I posted about something before you, Thomas. I'm normally trailing in your wake! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The disease has spread, Thomas! Looking forward to reading Mrs Headphonaught's contributions, especially after her opening piece. Keep up the good work both of you now.

Anonymous said...

hey there
I sent a message to Mrs Headphonaught,s
both go on like this way
greetings from the netherlands


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