Monday, August 07, 2006

Love these :: More appropriate covers for Bibles?

After I got all hot and bothered over the ABS' American Bible... I thought I follow up with a couple of images of Bibles that I think are more appropriate ::

First off is an image created by the pastor of my mate in the US :: ((Mr JD Blundell)) - Love it! It is American but its the poor America... The America that people don't often see... the antithesis of the Dream.

Following on is the, by now, infamous ((Jesus Loves Pornstars)) bible [Message translation] from the ((X3Church)). According to the ((Acton Powerblog)) this is the Bible of which Barbara Bernstengel, the executive in charge of standards at the American Bible Society said “the wording is misleading and inappropriate for a New Testament.”

Personally I find the American flag and Statue of Liberty on a Bible as being more offensive, misleading and inappropriate than a Bible that OPENLY expresses on its cover Jesus' love for people that others, including His followers, have written off and ignore. What a beautiful expression of the whosoever. Going to get one.

Anybody got any other examples of more appropriate Bibles?

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