Monday, August 21, 2006

Miriam starts school...

I'm feelin' old! My youngest, Miriam, started school today.


Emma said...

awww wee miriam looks so grown up!
Hope she has a fab first day at school x

Pernell said...

So cute!!!

My youngest starts school in two weeks. Unbelievable.

Laura-lou said...

Awww! Cute uniform!

Janey said...

Very cute.....
Hope your first day at school was good Miriam and you had fun and Dayna too

Love u Janey xoxox

Anonymous said...

she looks great in the uniform
I remember the first time I saw her
2years and 3 monds ago
she is so big now
Have a good time on school miriam
greetings from the netherlands

Dad M. said...

Great photograph Thomas - precious memories. Good to see Miriam after school on Monday; I wonder if Miss Clemente survived?


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