Friday, August 04, 2006

New Music :: [Greenbank]

Big thanks to the Soos for the heads-up on this... ((Greenbank)) is a boffin from Edinburgh who makes sweet electronica with a Windows PC. This is what he has to say...
My music is all fairly poppy-electronic in style with a lot of electro/80s influence coming through lately, I won't waste words attempting to describe it - have a wee listen! The tracks I've picked for on here are quite a good cross-section of my work.

My main influences are modern electronica stuff of various styles, 80's pop, classic electro, 80's film soundtracks, jungle and anything with awesome synths and proper rocking-out-on-the-drum-machine drums!
He has gone nuts and posted 10 tracks on his webspace for free. Some lovely tracks available. A fav is alexander graham bell (edit) which uses some interesting samples very, very well.

Well worth checking out. He would be fab for the ol' boogaloo bothy!

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