Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Petition for Olly to start a blog

I'm starting an online petition to get the mighty Olly online and into the big, bad, blogosphere. I've been on at her for a while now... and I've decided to call upon my friends within the nanolog community to encourage her to start.

I think she has something to say about her walk with God... worship... church as community... coping with our monkeys... ideas on design, especially interiors and the garden...

What do you think? Leave an encouraging comment...

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Johnny said...

You got my vote! Go for it, Olly!

Laura Whispering said...

Definitely go for it! Would be good to read something wonderful from her rather than just reading how wonderful she is =P

Paula said...

Olly. You. Must. Blog. About. Gardening.

I have a friend who blogs about her guerilla gardening efforts...she gardens on public space in her skid-row community, planting tulips at the corners where the prostitutes stand, a humble work of love.

You could blog about your thoughts and ideas in the world of design and garden! You could blog about anything!!!


Hee hee =)

Anonymous said...

Put my name down as well, Thomas. Looking forward to Olwyn's thoughts. So much to offer!

Anonymous said...


Would love to hear olly's view of the world, religion et al..(and of course life with your good self)

Roscoe :)

Anonymous said...

Go for it mate !!

Im sure you will have lots of great things to share on your own blog.......

Look forward to it you have me vote as always

love ya all

Janey xox


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