Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Music :: [ISAN]

When I stayed over at the Soos' pad last weekend... he introduced me to an electronica duo called ISAN :: Dunc is a huge fan and he had left some CDs for the Soos to check out. I had a listen and have to say they are brill. Their music is the kind of abstract, glitchy, ambient soundscapelectronica that I just lap up. They have tons of tunage out that is well worth checking out... and they are on the draumar um kalt sumar compilation that can be downloaded for free.

Their new album :: plans drawn in pencil :: is just lovely. I could have a new favourite band.

Here's what they say about themselves ::
from minimalism to melody and back again, isan have been on a musical journey since a chance meeting brought together robin saville and antony ryan in leicester in 1996. once they'd discovered their shared love for electronic music and decided to work together, not much has been discussed. isan prefer to allow their sound to develop on its own, allowing their intuitive grasp of melody and the manipulation of sound to dictate their direction.

now based in southend and wiltshire respectively, robin and antony work separately from each other most of the time, communicating via email, telephone and postcard. notes are compared and directions noted, followed or abandoned. the end result is a hopefully coherent body of work for which the pair consider themselves jointly responsible.
I recommend you check them out... they sit proudly next to [boards of canada] Thanks to the Soos and Dunc for their heads up.


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