Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Roots06 :: Geraldine Latty & her band

Big Tent - Friday PM
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One of the things Olly and I were up for was the worship... and we weren't disappointed.

Worship music is like house music for me... its contextual... it works when I am in the moment... I don't really listen to worship music or house music on the iPod :: there are some exceptions - Tim Hughes/ Hillsong & Delirious?/ Blue Six/ Masters at Work etc

Geraldine Latty was a tremendous leader who nearly burst with enthusiasm... she could take things from loud to quiet and back very easily... she led from the front with a smile that could melt chocolate! I may be off the mark here but she may be responsible for the disappearance of the polar icecaps!

The band were tight... almost like a Stax southern soul band... I was actually waiting for Jake & Elwood at one point. They had a percussionist/ trumpeter who was the life and soul of the band... really energetic and visual. The guitarist :: Calvin :: was extremely talented - he played this little light of mine in jazz, waltz, punk, reggae & rock styles... fab! They also had a clarinetist/ saxophonist who was first class and had real spirit and funk - she could give Maceo a run for his money!

We need more like this... Brass has its time and place, but this feels new and fresh and lively... Olly was inspiried and hopes to bring some of the songs back for BLOC.

What we need is a regular Roots night... where this is the norm rather than the exception.

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