Sunday, January 14, 2007

The 50 Most Influential Christians in America

The Church Report is pleased once again to announce this year’s list of The 50 Most Influential Christians in America.

Mixed feelings about this. In fact, it just doesn't sit right with me... to be honest.

Sure... its cool to see people who have a direct influence on my life included... Rob Bell at 10... Erwin McManus at 12... Joni at 21... Max Lucado at 33... Hey Billy Graham is there too... although I am surprised he's at number 2 (who is Joel Osteen and is that an ironic mullet???)

But would somebody tell me why oh why is George W. Bush on this list... in at number 11? Iraq? Guantanamo Bay? Why is he on this list? I haven't seen any fruit to justify his being on this list.

In addition, only 5 women are included... with only 1 in the top ten. Arrghhh!!! Am I reading too much into this? or does this give off the wrong message... one that says to be an influential Christian you must write loads of books and be right wing and conservative... Do you have to be a pastor or doctor to be influential?

This is wrong. As Chuck D rapped once :: "None of my heroes appear on stamps!"

The most influential Christians in the world today are the honest peacemakers who are seeking justice and fairness... and challenging the system... including the Christian system... on these issues. People who think and act locally. I don't know there names. Only the people who they have touched know who they are.

We've lost the plot when we create our own world so that we don't have to be in the real world... and we still become the same as those we are trying to be different from.
But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.
Matthew 5:13 (New International Version)

Sorry for the rant.


Unknown said...

if we are doing the work for our own glory, we're doing it for the wrong reasons. I have issues with certain musicians who are in it for the wrong reasons, if your gonna play in a christian band, dont go looking for glory or recognition, do it for him.

Dont get me wrong i always have a smile on my face when i nail the riff in shelter house, but its because i know ive played the best i can for god with the talents he's given me.

accept praise gratefully but dont hunt for it.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree

Anonymous said...

I guess the criteria are:
1) You profess christianity
2) You are influential

Based on this, the list is probably accurate.

However, neither of these point to the outward marks of faith (as in the fruit of the spirit), so this list really has no value, IMHO

BTW. If you ever see the size of Joel Osteen's church (even on TV), you'll drop your jaw and understand this decision


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