Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Right... first off... I understand why people have coffee mornings - I am so wired! 2 lattes and suddenly Lucy in the sky with diamonds makes sense! Oh my goodness... here comes the sun now... Love is a fab album.

(LtoR) Tim, Dan, Julie & Paul (apparently being electrocuted or something)

The gathering happened! Yeah! 10 folk turned up... including a chap I hadn't met before (Tim - a friend of Innes). Roscoe came in from Bellshill and Dan even traveled from Glenrothes to hang out... which was way cool.

(LtoR) Jonathan, Tim & Dan

After brief introductions... everybody just chilled and the conversation just kind of flowed. Its a beautiful thing to see people connect. Everyone just opened up and started to blether.

(LtoR) Innes, SuperAlly & the back of Roscoe's heid

Connections were made. Ideas conceived. Dots were joined. Numbers & email addresses swapped (I love my moo cards!)

A couple of things that made the night a success:

(1) Julie pointed Paul towards a Christian charity who invest their funds by providing up to 3/4s of a person's mortgage. They see their money protected and the worker gets to do their thing without the overhead of a full mortgage. Nice!

(2) Jonathan inspired Dan to consider movie nights in Glenrothes. Jonathan is part of the Glasgow Central Fellowship and their movie nights at The Kog Cafe are really cool. It was sweet to see Dan's mind running with the idea. Success!

Thanks to everyone who came... including Darren who ran away before my phone came out for pics...

Thanks too to SuperAlly for giving me a loan of The Screwtape Letters. Cheers mate!

Here's to the next one. Keep posted.


Anonymous said...

sounds like I missed a great night. Gotta be a Gathering in London one day! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You and I could have one??

Anonymous said...

Cool to be part of Thomas. And my works vehicle was still in one piece exactly where I left it! Looking forward to future gatherings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for arranging... good to meet the guys.


Anonymous said...

please tell Julie not to bring the cattle prod next time

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if a successful evening - when can you have another one - Im coming down from Orkney on hols and work business in Kilmarnock 12-23 February - it would be good to meet 'new' and 'familiar' faces and people,

Every Blessing, Matthew.


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