Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saturday night...

The Gang

What a night! Spent the evening in the company of this bunch of reprobates :: there had been a murder and I was a suspect.

Rev Al & Xena Spooner

He I am... The Rev. Al Spooner with my fabulous wife Xena ((I thought she looked amazing in her sari... hence my smile!)) I was an American missionary who met his Indian born wife in Nanking.

Lady Marmalade & Bruce Lie

Our hosts for the evening were Lady Marmalade... the French socialite, and Bruce Lie... a martial arts expert and dancer at the White Poppy Club ((where the murder took place)).

Peking Tom & Su Suki

Peking Tom was the Australian head of a rival gang (the MSG) and sworn enemy of the deceased... and Su Suki was the self-obsessed Japanese star of film and music.

Mousey Tung & Wan Ton Willy

Lastly, we had Wan Ton Willy, the 2nd in charge of the Foo Fighters gang... with Mousey Tung, the dead man's housekeeper.

What a laugh... I won't spoil the story... Just to say it was a great evening... Good food and wonderful company with some close friends. A very special evening indeed.

More photos here


Paula said...

Did you manage a bad American accent? LOL!! You and your sweetie look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Bro, you look like a natural born missionary - black is most definitely your colour!

Something happened to my RSS feeds, I just dropped on your blog cos I thought you had been quiet of late to find that it is in fact mt reader that's been quiet - got some catching up to do!!

Let's sort that visit to the 'Well out, too - I wanna cuppa in one of those mugs :)


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