Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Music :: Sleepy Town Manufacture :: Insipired By You (Sutemos016)

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Got the heads-up from my contact on Last.FM, awx that Sleepy Town Manufacture had released an album :: Insipired By You :: on Sutemos. Just downloaded it and its FAB!

Its the kind of minimal, ambient electronica that I just adore. Well worth checking out.

Here's what the Sutemos chaps have to say about their 16th release...
For 8 years already Alexander Ananyev has been running this Project of sleepy town (his also known as Beautumn creator of winderful ambient music). Sometimes Anton Lukoyanychev - another founder of STM - joins him, but it happens very occasionally lately. Alex has released 3 albums, more than ten virtual singles and featured all Sutemos compilations and now he present yet one more impressive part of his musical session - fourth album of Sleepy Town Manufacture Inspired By You.

When asked about it Alex answered: "Well, it's a nice album. We worked on it quite a lot and some tracks really took more time than they should have. But finally here it is. You'll also find some songs which is not a common thing for us and I hope it will not scare our listeners".

"I would love to give some credits for the people who appeared in those tracks: Inna Nega - she sings in three songs, Komnata, O Nei and Long Time No See. Lyrics and melody - it's all hers. She's beautiful and I really want to thank her. Alex Kozmidi - he is playing guitar in Papa Miles track. Actually, it is his composition which he's playing live in Germany pretty frequently. Evgeniy Gagarin - he sings in So Soft. I recorded this song three years ago, but lately decided that my voice is not good for it so I asked Evgeniy to sing this one" - Alex continued.
Soak it up. Take it in. Enjoy the atmospheric soundscapes, broken beats and quirky basslines... most of all... enjoy the vocals and otherworldly feel of the album. All this for FREE!!! Love it.

Check it out. Thanks awx... and Sutemos

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John said...

thomas, thanks for the heads up on this, although i am not a fan of this type of music, I downloaded it for my future son-in-law, and had a wee listen to it, i have to admit that some of the tracks are quite good, but time will tell. :)

Be encouraged.


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