Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I have a confession...

I've been real honest with my friends in the ol' nanolog community... and I just can't continue any longer with the pretense. You think of me as a coolhunter... always on the bleeding edge to bring you the latest and greatest.

Well I have a confession... and as much as it pains me... I have to come clean with you all.

I am loving BLUE GRASS!!!

It started off all innocent... I was recommended to listen to a track called The Lucky One by Alison Krauss & Union Station - they said it was just acoustic guitars and the like... nothing shameful... nothing addictive. So I tried a little bluegrass and that was it... I was hooked and loving...

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I need help. I have been listening to Lonely Runs Both Ways a lot in the car. For some reason... maybe its the weather... I have been really digging track 3 :: Rain please go away :: with its hardcore banjo-rocking. Wow!

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And at the end of last week... I picked up the first Be Good Tanyas album, Blue Horse. Its a tremendous first time effort... full of raw emotion... and banjos! The opening track, The Littlest Birds (sing the prettiest songs), is just awesome and so, so catchy.

So there you go... I feel so much better! We should never underestimate the cathartic power of blogging.

Please don't pity me... or look down on me... but join me in appreciating the last great unchartered music genre. Its like acoustic music... but with BANJOS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nowt wrong with bluegrass (and other forms of Americana for that matter)! I was able to see the Be Good Tanya's whe I went to the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle in 2005. I seem to recall they were good.

Check out Buckwheat Zydeco and Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter as other splendid examples of Americana.


Anonymous said...

We forgive you for holding back this heavy secret, Naught.

I can definitely understand Union Station, they have some great promos. But banjo music? Will have to check it out on iTunes.

caldjr said...

what can i dsy Thomas - will just keep praying for you!!

(have to say, one one of the tracks from my first album {Fix you thoughts] banjo can be heard alongside an accordion in the backing. They're slowly breaking through!)

caldjr said...

ps - apologies for all the typos in the last comment - typing left handed and its not going well!

Anonymous said...

hah hah hah....this makes me laugh a whole lot !!! glad you got the finger pickin' bug now too..........peace, julie

John said...

Thomas, I checked them out... fantastic, have been playing them on the ipod all day!! Thanks for this mate and keep up the good work!

Be encouraged.

Paula said...

Well, you are preaching to the choir, here, brother! I didn't think I liked bluegrass, either, and now I'm playing upright bass in a bluegrass band!!

Be careful, it's addicting...


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