Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shaping up to be a good weekend!!!

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty good. Just kind of what is needed really.

Chris and Dawn came over last night for some food... some fellowship... and some Cluedo!!!

It is always good to spend time with them... Dawn is glowing, which is lovely to see! Chris is glowing too... in his own way, I suppose.

Chris is kind of my mentor... its weird because we are guiding each other I think... but I need some spiritual guidance and he's a Salvation Army officer (Glenrothes Corps)... so things fell into place. Didn't really do much "mentoring" but it was great just to hang out and talk.

Today... after some stupidity on my part (will talk about that later) - we headed over to the Kelvingrove Museum with Janey & Roscoe. I love the space and always see something fresh and new there. Its wonderful to have something so rich and vibrant in the centre of Glasgow... and its even better when you consider its free to get in.

Afterwards... we headed to the Salvation Army's Charity Shop on Dumbarton Road. Its a great store with loads of interesting product. Nearly bought a brand new pair of Levi's... but they were a 40" waist... and I'm not that big. The saggy bum look is still cool in my world... but they may have been too saggy!

We did pick up this fab table for £20. Read more about it on Olly's blog - It looks fab in the living room. Sweet! I love charity-shopping... especially when I pick up some sweet vinyl too:

Lost Horizon by Burt Bacharach & Hal David... with the Shangri-La Orchestra & Chorus. Its a bit cheesy... but in a nice way. Its from 1973... and fun. Picked it up in the Barnados shop across the road from the Sally Army.

After Roscoe and I carried the table to my car... which was a sight to behold... kind of like a bizarre pantomime horse... We headed to the Beanscene across from the Kelvingrove and chilled out. Seriously. 90 minutes of bliss! The tunes are always good in there... and there were some gems on rotation. We drank coffee and tea... eat melts... and just relaxed. I doodled in my Moleskine... with Janey. Olly, Roscoe and the girls played with the Nintendogs on the two DS lites. Great fun. I also read a bit from the New Testament (The Message) I bought earlier in the day at the GLO in Motherwell. It was half price because it had a scratch on the front cover. I think it has character... and wanted a wee NT for my bag.

Speaking of my bag... here's the contents. I have an obsession with stuff. Go here if you want to know more.

Hmmm... I can smell pizza. Janey & Roscoe are back (they went away for a couple of hours to see Roscoe's dad - aye right - away for a winch!!!)

Been good so far... and I am so grateful for the people I have in my life!

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Unknown said...

Man I love shopping in charity shops. I've had a winter coat that I bring out that I got from the Heart Foundation in Bristol that makes me look like one smooth pimp!

Your bag contents are impressive. I wish I had the budget to have that many moleskines (i've been busy with mine of late!) and a PSP!


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