Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a very part-time job

The barrista's ballet
One morning my wife was going into the local coffeeshop to interview for a very part-time job to help cover the cost of her return to college. Just before she walked out the door, without much forethought, I asked her to see if the owner would let me work one night a week with her. We were both surprised when he seemed to think this would be a good idea...
Some interesting observations in this article.

Makes me want to become a barista too!

Thanks to Johnny Laird for the link.

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Jody said...

I love hanging out in coffeeshops. I worked in one for almost 4 years, off and on, and I developed great relationships with customers and co-workers.
I love going to coffeeshops now where I know the baristas through hanging out there, and where i see a lot of the same faces. It's so fun to meet up for coffee and have a Bible study or just discuss things in a neutral zone. Also i love frothy drinks!


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