Thursday, January 25, 2007

when love comes to town...

Red sky in the morning...

Today I was blessed to witness a beautiful red sky. Truly glorious... as I walked to the train station contemplating the future of ((deep)) and other stuff.

when love comes to town

I was blessed in another way... My love came to town for a surprise visit... well, I wish it was a surprise... but I kind of begged her to come through... which I am glad to say she did. I was great to spend sometime with her... eating soup...

apple slice to share

...and sharing an apple slice at my fav coffeehouse :: The Coffee Merchant

Afterwards, we went charityshopping in and around the Argyle St station... where I picked up an old, mint condition, Philip K Dick novel called We can make you for 75p (which was, ironically, 5p more than the price on the back from 1977)

From Book Covers

Days like this make it wonderful to be alive... I got my weekly mix done for JD... and was able to watch Bill Odie in the USA... which was fun.

I am now prepared for the hecticness of the weekend to come!

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Anonymous said...


Have finished "Tears of the Giraffe" by Alexander McCall Smith to pass to you.

Have left a comment to help Ian McKenzie on 16 th January on this point. Hope neither of you mind but I can see his point and find The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series fits the bill for enjoyable, inoffensive, humourous writing that is also easy to read.


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