Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday to Saturday...

The Soos

Went through to see The Soos last night... Spend some time... Chew the fat... Catch up... You get the gist!

The Khukuri

Unfortunately... or maybe it was fortunately our wee fav Japanese place was booked solid... so we went somewhere different. We went to a lovely Nepalese place nearby called The Khukuri and had a fantastic meal. It was PS' birthday and it was nice to chill with The Soos, PS, and the Skillip!

We were talking about soundtracks... as you do... and I was recounting how Bladerunner and Sleepless in Seattle are both wonderful soundtracks that are pretty romantic... except for each have a track right bang in the middle that spoils the mood :: One more kiss dear for Bladerunner and Gene Autrey's Back in the saddle again for Sleepless in Seattle. Afterwards, a rather inebriated gent who was at a different table came over to our table to say he agreed with me re back in the saddle again and went so far as to comment on the track... using a wonderfully descriptive Scottish slang term that rhymes with fish. Was pretty funny!

Sultan Chicken & Garlic Naan @ The Khukuri

I had a fab dish called Sultan Chicken - which actually agreed with me. Must be the imbu, timbu & jimbu - whatever they are - in the dish. Lovely!

KISS (in the Soos' bathroom!!!)

After food... we chilled at the Soos' pad for a while... The chaps played Gears of War - which I have say was stunning and a million miles away from Sonic on the Megadrive.

I love the Soos' pad... and love seeing all his toys. KISS in the toilet was fun to see.

Mark de Clive-Lowe's Freesoul Sessions @ Departure Lounge

We headed over to The Caves for Departure Lounge. I love the venue and the resident DJ :: Astroboy :: is fab. He knows his stuff and should do compilations.

The main act was Mark de Clive-Lowe and his Freesoul Sessions including Taliah (I think) on vocals and Richard Spaven on drums. I was disappointed not to see Bembe Segue and thought there was going to be a saxophonist too. Never mind. It was a good set... as strong as his set at TrocaBrahma... but because it was basically an improve set... they kind of got into a groove and things got repetitive near the end.

Beanscene @ Haymarket

Got to my bed about 0440hrs... after catching up with the Soos and chilling to tunes.

In the morning... about 4 hours or so after we got to bed... we headed out to the nearby Beanscene for breakfast and some business - I want to help the Soos get a book published via Lulu.


It was nice to chill in the sun... and just catch up. Sweet!

View from the Motherwell Heritage Centre

I headed home for about 1300hrs... and took the girls to the Motherwell Heritage Centre... The views of our manor were stunning... although my knees went to jelly. Amazing view. Check it out if you can - its free!

View from the Motherwell Heritage Centre

We now need to get ready for a Murder Mystery meal at Bobbito & Diane's. Going to be good. Will keep you posted.

Here's a link to more photos :: Link :: its great when you look forward to something and it happens as you hoped.

Thanks to the Soos for his generosity and great company.


Anonymous said...

this is the nanolog at its best, lots of music and pop references and obscure names from your world. sweeeet

Anonymous said...

Hey headphonaught, astroboy here. Just thought I'd say a) thanks for your kind comments on the club and b) sorry that Bembe and Jason couldn't make it in the end last week. We were going to make an announcement but kinda got lost in the vibe....


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