Saturday, January 13, 2007

Workspace :: Another idea for the ((deep)) space

Dayna playing Pacman with my mum

Here's another idea... Inspired by this article on the mighty :: Use the ((deep)) space as a place for people to work.

A lot of people I know... respect... love... are freelancers :: Thinking about Andy / Lard / Royzoner & big Baz are all freelancers / consultants / contractors / jack-the-lads about town etc.

Imagine a space where people could, for a small fee, use the ((deep)) space for work. Provide wi-fi and electricity... and company... and a place to network... Most importantly, you provide the things that you lack when working on your own - people... chat... atmosphere... a sense of belonging. The unwritten things that make work bearable.

Suddenly, you move from solely being the third place... a place for social interaction and engagement... and become, for some people, their second place too - a place to work. You become the centre of the community again... the heart!

Create a membership kind of thing... with members having access to facilities such as the use of meeting rooms and security as well as those mentioned above.

Like that idea.

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