Wednesday, January 03, 2007


From Pics from the...

No... not that Prince... although he is funky!

is the UK Government's standard for IT project management... and I may get the chance to learn the methodology... as part of my work.

I'm pretty stoked and hope to pursue it. Why? I see Project Management as my niche. Some folk in the ol' nanolog community are great with graphics... others produce movies or make great computer games... some work fulltime with needy people or pastor through thick and thin. This is my niche - bringing people together to make things happen... and I want to develop it.

Who knows? Maybe this is what the Lord wants me to do? It will certainly help with my projects outside work too.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the course and hope it will come about.

I have no doubt God has gifted you to bring people together as well as being aware of their spiritual/ social/ mental needs. One of your contributors previously made the comment of sensing you had the "heart of a pastor". What a difficult yet invaluable pathway that is! Are you ready with the help of God the Holy Spirit to stand in the blast for Him, His people and His Work?
Perhaps a careful study of Barnabas will help you see what I mean and what God has in store for you.

Anonymous said...

hey dude that is great, you'll be in london area hopefully. let me know your schedule for it as the time gets nearer. maybe you can project manage one of our films!


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