Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Social Networks :: Physical... Tangible...

...although the web has enabled all of us to connect with so many people we couldn't have before we still don't know that many more people face to face. It's the real-world meet up that realizes the whole social networking phenomenon.
Piers Fawkes

Found this article very interesting. Its from one of the chaps who organises the likemind coffee mornings that inspired me to call a gathering :: I have a network in Glasgow of likeminded people who I want to come together and share... discuss... chew the fat... with each other. And there are other folk that I want to meet up with... if only they'd return my emails :-)

I am also eager to meet up with some of the cool nanologgers... Its one of my 9 resolutions. I'm hopeful that this will happen to some extent.

Thing is... its all about relationships... and shared connections. I've never went for a coffee with one of my neighbours. Been to the odd party, sure, but never felt the need to grab a coffee and chew the fat. Maybe this is something I should consider? For me... physical location is not a driver for connection. Shared interest is more important. Likeminded is such a great term.

Anyway... read the full article here :: psfk :: and bookmark the site - its great.

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Unknown said...

Just a quick note to say, ive commited blog suicide, wont leave you hanging for long though, got something new on its way.

Will explain all at the gathering, i think you're gonna like it, what with your passion for social networks and all...


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