Sunday, January 28, 2007

There is nothing like an Army cup of tea

Capt. Alec with some mugs
Capt. Alec with some cups

There is nothing quite like a cup of tea from the Salvation Army... a lot of people hold the Army in high regard because of a steaming hot mug of cha at a time of personal need.

Well... our division ((West of Scotland)) have come up with an initiative to get people to share a cup of tea with a friend... family member... or neighbour... in an attempt to connect people, include people and build caring communities.

Nothing like an Army cup of tea

In the pack that we all received this morning at Bellshill were 2 Salvation Army mugs each with a Tunnocks caramel wafer (my fav biscuit) and a fair trade teabag.

The intention is for people to reach out... and make connections. Its about listening... and praying as well - each pack has some cards that can be completed to ask our Divisional HQ to pray for someone.

I think its a grand idea... and will be taking a pack to my work tomorrow. I support this idea because I have been doing it for ages... I make time for people over coffee for no other reason than I like to spend time with them over a good cup of joe.

Its all about making meaningful connections... and thats only going to happen when you leave your agenda at home and love people just because they are! We don't need anything to do this... well except for money for the coffee... and I find it the most rewarding thing to do.

Try it!

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Paula said...

Wow, a real cup of Army Tea....I'll bet it's good, too! I've never tried those biscuits, they sound good, too. One day I'll make it over that wide, wide ocean. My feet feel stuck in gumbo, the cement-like mud we have here. One day...


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