Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone who reads the ol' nanolog.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His care... regardless of whether you believe in Him or not (He believes in you regardless!)

May you love more... smile more... enjoy more... hug more... kiss more... live more in this world!

May you hear great tunes and see fantastic sites and feel the warmth of the sun... and of being loved.

May you dance more... sing more... laugh more than you did in 2006.

May you gain a greater understanding of why you are here... what you have to do... who you are called to be.

2007 is when we all stand strong... and tall (if we can)... and live in His love.

2007 is the year when the poor will become rich... when the proud will be humbled... Everything will get turned upside-down.

2007 will be the interesting times we have prayed for... and I hope to be there... reporting from the frontline... and reading all your posts.

I hope and pray that the Lord will bless you and give you a greater understanding of His love and His purpose for you. I hope to meet more of you... and meet up again with those I have been fortunate to meet in 2006.

I love you all.

Thomas aka Headphonaught


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the proud becoming humbled!!! It's about time!!!

John said...

Thomas, great post, and a Happy New Year to you, Olly, and girls, and all your friends and families.

We are sweltering over here, but I love it!!

All our love,
John & Jean

caldjr said...

...and a Happy New Year to you all too. Praying Gods blessing on you, Olwyn, Dayna and Miriam for 2007. D, C-A & K

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and lot's o' love to you and yours! Adele/EP

Anonymous said...

All the very best for 2007 Thomas and wishing you every success in all that you turn your hand to this year!

Be blessed,


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