Sunday, January 14, 2007


The meeting in Hamilton went well. Olly and I were delighted with the response we received and were delighted to see the Spirit move... bringing everything together.

The podcast is available here or an mp3 download is available here - let me know what you think. Leave a comment or something.

Our slides and the words to the thought are available in a zip file here

Now... we need to think about S*N*A*C - hope it goes well. If you are coming... fab... see you then! if you can't make it... no worries... see you soon!

From S*N*A*C flyers

S*N*A*C went well. 16 people joined us (including 1 lass who doesn't attend any other service... except S*N*A*C) for a time of sharing. It went more like a Testimony meeting to use Sally Ann terminology. There was a real sense of sharing... of intimacy... and of immediacy within the gathering of participants. Everyone took part to some extent... which was appreciated.

Real sense of counting your blessings as a means of combating our struggles. Everyone hurts, as Michael Stipe sings, and this was an important exercise in sharing and trusting both God and each other.

The outcome of the discussion on where we go next with S*N*A*C is undecided. We are serving a need for alternative worship within an Army setting... and really connecting with a 20's - 30's age group. People want to explore missional activities and we need to develop these thoughts in the coming months.

I have to say I am delighted with the response and the real sense that S*N*A*C is evolving... moving... happening as we speak.

The next S*N*A*C is on the 11th February and will be a Love Feast - Communion, Army style - everyone is welcome... and we will be promoting it throughout the division. Be there!

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Unknown said...

sorry im not going, my taxi aka janey, can't make it, so neither can I.

caldjr said...

glad Hamilton went well Thomas. Will listen to the podcast with interest later on! Sorry we couldn't make SNAC. Hoping that you are feeling a little more positive and have taken time to receive blessings and guidance from God during your ministry today. Hoping also that your focus will be on the intimacy of your forthcoming homegroup and that you will revel in the fact that you are not leading that one!

Mate, regarding your work problems, you have my total sympathy and (at the risk of sounding like a counsellor which I am so not) empathy too. I've been through so many work lows in my life alongside many personal lows too. (will tell you about them one day). Even had some downs in my current work place and, whilst it's still not perfect, am learning to trust God for His ultimate timing in terms of us becoming officers. I know thats where he wants us to be and so just have to sit and wait and fight off the attacks of this world. I believe, as you do, that God has so many plans for you ahead that they must be the focus. However, I'm no fool. I know its easy to sit at a computer and type this stuff and a whole different thing to live it out.

In truth, I don't really know what to say to you pal. Just simply that C-A and I are praying for you - its about all we've got just now. Must set up a time for our families to get together - that will be a good focus too.

Live through tomorrow at work by riding on the blessings of today. God will get you through.
See you Wednesday.
Blessings to you and yours.

caldjr said...

me again!

Just had the podcast playing here at work. Got so drawn into it I was moaning and dispairing every time the phone rang! How dare customers disturb my Christian listening! Seriously though Thomas, just wanted to encourage you having heard your Word - or should I say your delivery of God's Word. Knowing the hurt you are currently undergoing, the delivery of this powerful message is fantastic. I give you this praise simply as encouragement to a hurting believer. You have delivered a tough message and we know the proof of it will be in the working out of it by those who hear it. It remains God's message. But your delivery is spot on pal. Thanks for sharing.

John said...

Thomas, I listened to the podcast this morning... brilliant. Great topic, well delivered, and excellent illustrations, well done mate!

Now all you have to do is apply the committment to your job, and you will see great results; that's what people are looking for, to see if you will apply the principles to your own life.

Keep this kind of preaching up mate, and I will be worried about being out of a job! :)

Be encouraged.


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