Saturday, January 20, 2007

View :: HF interviewed in Streetwear Today

I'm a big fan of Hiroshi Fujiwara and I am grateful to psfk for the heads-up that he has been interviewed in a mag called Streetwear Today - if you search under the current issue... they have printed some of the dialogue... otherwise, you'll need to search out the mag.
There is someone on this planet who can make something out of nothing, he can add value to things in unsurpassed measures, everything he does oozes style and perfection, he can skate and ride a fixed gear bike like it was nothing. He owns the most stylish bag company in the world, an even more stylish clothing company and the biggest companies on this planet ask for his opinions, his advice and his style. There is a small shirt label on the sleeve that he came up with, it was just a little thing with one of his companies, good enough, but it spiralled out of control because every Dick and Tom is doing this now. He invented collaborations the way we know it. He travels the world on more than 200 days a year. He loves life and his friends. A man of the people and a friend to the stars, some kind of mixture between Karl Lagerfeld and Peter Pan. And what the heck, he is one of the coolest and nicest people you will ever meet, and that is meant in every possible way. Welcome to the world of Hiroshi Fujiwara.
Why do I find him inspiring? Because he has made something out of nothing... I like that mentality. Oh and his private DJ mixes rawk too!

Check it out.

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