Saturday, January 13, 2007

Art :: the ((deep)) space as a gallery?

Roots06 Art 7
i think we should do everything we can to support artists and encourage them to develop and pass on their gifts and work with the spirit of gift very much alive. after all, our culture doesn't help artists, and i think the church doesn't see the point in supporting artists or chooses to invest elsewhere. creativity and art are some of the greatest gifts.
Johnny Baker

Art has always been central to my vision for ((deep)) - Ever since I experienced Lard's work (see above) at Roots 06. It was part of the worship... integral... not an extra. I always dreamed of encouraging artists to express their whole in the ((deep)) space.

Considering Johnny's post made me think of taking this forward... I have always wondered how to keep ((deep)) financially... and this made me stop and consider the role of galleries. Think about it. Art brings people in. They can buy the art... we take a commission... or buy a coffee or other goodies.

I could use this to encourage and promote local, underground artists... whose work will bring people in... and hopefully sell... and further reinforce the ((deep)) space as a third place. Its a mutual support thing.

Food for thought.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, here's a thought, somewhere for local bands to practice, most of the studios in glasgow cost a fortune. When theres nowhere else for you to practice it can be a total pain. Anyway, just a thought...


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