Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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Been after the second Trip piloted by Tom Middleton for a while :: March 06 & September 06... I finally picked it up at the weekend and it is wonderful. It was the soundtrack to our Hogmanay. Two CDs of joy...

The first one, entitled Vertical is full of upbeat tunes such as Kool and the Gang, Breakestra, Lyn Collins, Jungle Brothers and some fab kitsch like the theme from This is your life and the tune from Tony Hart's Gallery. Special!

The second one, entitled Horizontal is chilled and sensuous... with tracks from the elite like Boards Of Canada, Ralph Myers & The Jack Herren Band, Quantic, Thievery Corporation, The Orb with a cheeky wee ambient prog number from Tangerine Dream to tidy things up. Lovely!

Best compilation I have heard in a long, long time. Tom Middleton... I salute you, sir!

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Another CD that I have been waiting patiently for ever since I heard about the band ((link)) is The Red Book Sessions by The Singing Company and again it was worth the wait. I love Eric Himes' vision with his group and the CD - basically they've taken old Salvation Army songs and brought them up-to-date in an indie kind of way. Truly wonderful.

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Lastly... The Gaither Vocal Band's new CD :: Give it away... and before anyone says it - the title track isn't a cover of the Chili Pepper's classic. I love Bill Gaither and his devotion of gospel music. The harmony that his band achieve is simply stunning. Olly is more a fan than me... but we all are big fans.

This album... the first with the new chaps Marshall Hall and Wes Hampton is brilliant... and grammy nominated too! Albeit in some obscure category.

I don't fit into the Christian genre too well... Just because I am a Christian doesn't mean all I should listen to is Christian... Its a Rob Bell thing... Just because its Christian doesn't mean it is good! I am, however, open and proud of my love of the GVB and this album is fab.

Their sound is as familiar as an old tee shirt - they aren't breaking any new ground here... no drum & bass remixes or anything... just good, ol' fashioned, kind of country, vocal gospel.

Check it out.

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