Monday, January 29, 2007

Studio Ghibli films... from Uncle Soos

Studio Ghibli from the Soos

The Soos gave the we'ans (along with Olly and myself) 5 Studio Ghibli DVDs for their Christmas. They were totally ecstatic - they love Miyazaki and his work... and really appreciate anime of this calibre.

I have to say the whole package is fantastic... characterisation... scenery... transportation... all wonderfully detailed and imagined.

We watched Laputa - Castle in the sky on Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is captivating and the setting is just amazing... although not good if you are scared of heights. Height is a major factor in the story... and very well captured. The characterisation is strong with this release boasting Anna Paquin as Sheeta and James van der Beek (aka Dawson) as Pazu. There is a thoughtful eco theme running through the story and the ending is awesome. I won't spoil it for you... but the morality is inspiring!

Grateful thanks go to The Soos for his generousity... and his willingness to open my we'ans up to other cultures and places... especially Japan.

I would recommend you check Studio Ghibli out... better than Disney by a long way!

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