Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Calling another gathering...

The sun was shining yesterday when I traveled to work... and I was thinking about how well the gathering went.

So much so that I'd like to call another one! Got a bit of time on this... because I would like to tie it in to a visit to these parts of Matthew Bennett (and possibly his good lady, Debbie) who are good friends of ours and the Corps officers in Kirkwall.

I'm thinking 1630hrs for 1700hrs on Wednesday, 21st February : It is Ash Wednesday and will be the start of Lent... and I can't think of a more fitting start to a time of sustained contemplation than to hang out with some sweet folk.

Still to decide on the venue. It will be in Glasgow... but we may look at the Nero near Central Station - it has a basement space which may be more suitable for our blether.

Leave me a comment or send me an email if you want to come... or if you have any other preferred locations.

Who knows... I might even make some badges.


Anonymous said...


Would love to come but getting to Glasgow for that time is never going to happen! We also have our cell (home) groups that night.
Perhaps a weekend gathering could be arranged at somepoint?
On another note, our new film season is about to start, see our website for dates/films. Would be great to see you at somepoint.

Kirsty x

Anonymous said...

Will have to see Thomas. Wednesday is not a great night for us really but will do some balancing up in my head and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Thats great Thomas - one (probably me) or both will be fine for that - well, we're on hols but whatever suits....will keep in touch

Regards, Matthew & Debbie

Anonymous said...

21st sounds good, but will be after 5h before I can get there.


Anonymous said...

Could the Clarks from Bristol perchance stumble into this lovely gathering? We're going to be home on holiday. Plus...since we're hoping for an appointment to Scotland, it would be good to meet with a few peeps as well as catching up with the good matthew bennett...best man extrodinaire! :o)

Andrew (& Tracy) Clark

Anonymous said...

Andrew... Of course... Would love to meet up with you!

This isn't an Army thing... it isn't even a church thing... its just a gathering of likeminded people - everyone is welcome!

Buy your own whatever and have a blether.


Anonymous said...

doesn't look like i'm going to get through for this one Thomas - sorry about that. Shame cos it would be great to catch up with old and new friends but practicalities dictate otherwise. Will have to liaise with Chris and set a similar get-together up over this side of the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, it's a small small world..

My friend just text me the name of the new officers taking over our home corps this summer and i ran their names through a google search... and ended up here.
Matthew & Debbie Bennett!



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