Tuesday, January 09, 2007

S*N*A*C :: This Sunday...

From S*N*A*C flyers

Tell your friends... tell your enemies too!

We are giving B*L*O*C a wee break and holding an open mic spoken word worship session. Bring the words you find most meaningful to you... scripture... song lyrics... poems... liturgy... and contribute to the experience. Speak... shout... scream... the words that mean the most to you.

A time of prayer will follow... after which we will host an open discussion on where we are going with S*N*A*C.

Bring a thankful heart and a creative head... and contribute rather than just consuming.

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1 comment:

caldjr said...

Hi Thomas. Sorry, we won't be able to join you for S*N*A*C this Sunday but will be praying for you and all prospective participants. Hope and pray the evening goes well and that you, as organiser, take time to receive a blessing as well.
see you wednesday


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