Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Music :: ((Gangs)) by [Adrian Carter]

Its always good to get a wee email from "Simian" Shaun Blezard from the fab Earth Monkey Productions because it means he has sweeties!

The first release of 2007 from EMP is some delicious earcandy from Adrian Carter in the form of an ep called Gangs - 4 tracks of lush but lively ambient techno... loads of lovely synths and weird basslines. Bit of a fan of Mr Carter's releases on EMP - Magnetic and Switchkicker - and gangs is a worthy addition to his body of work... and to the EMP catalogue.

In addition, in his email, Shaun talked about some future release coming our way...
we have the follow releases coming up in the next couple of months....

emp027 - Emvelope Nine - Haan
emp028 - Radio Scotvoid - Fae Ecosse
emp029 - The Cardboard Lung - Patient Lifted
emp030 - Cousin Silas - Ballard Landscapes II
emp031 - Des Slow And The Stop Pills - Elements

and our spys tell us there should be new material by Clutter, Halal Kebab Hut and 4th Alternative at some point as well as some new friends to fall in love with......and also we have a DVD anthology coming out called Public Service Announcements featuring cheap and cheerful promos for all your favourite EMP artists - more details to come - should be out real soon
2007 is going to be another good year for fans, like me, of EMP.

Thanks Shaun.

Oh and the 4th track on Gangs ((sixtysecondcarnival)) is only 1 minute long and makes a fab ringtone... if you can do that kind of thing. Sweet.

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