Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Amazon.com :: Bible Store

Thought this was interesting... Amazon(dot)com have opened a Bible Store stating it...
was conceived to help you choose from dozens of editions--from devotional to study Bibles--along with background reference and related titles. Browse our selections and find the perfect gift!
Bet you never knew there were that many translations of the Bible.

Some good discounts advertised... but makes me worry about local shops like GLO who have been selling Bibles and the like for years. Is this an advocate for shopping local?

Anyway... here's a question for the ol' nanolog community... what's your favourite translation of the Bible and why? I dig The Message by Eugene Peterson because its closest to how I speak. What about you?

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Chris H said...

My favourite's the New Living Translation, also because the language and flow make it an easy read.

Unknown said...

The message is awesome but i feel a bit uneasy reading it on its own, its a bit watered down for me, a translation of a translation, i usually read it alongside another translation.

Its all about profit really, more sales than any other book. Its like so many large record labels have a christian music division because people buy it. Like the christian book section in borders. I suppose that doesnt really matter, it will be used by god regardless of motives.


Anonymous said...

The king james bible is the only translation we should be reading. nahhhhh. The Message is the best, followed by the upcoming Moby Bible.

Anonymous said...

The Message is a good readin' Bible, but since it's a paraphrase and laden with transatlantic metaphor it's not really suited as a study text.

The NIV is my stock paper Bible (habit...), but I use the KJV on my PDA ('cos it's free), and the New English Translation on my laptop.

Young's Literal Translation is about as close as I get to the original language of the NT as I'm gonna get until I learn koine Greek!

(Happy new year, y'all)

caldjr said...

I'd go with New International or New Living for study or preaching. But love the freshness of the Message paraphrase and also really loving Rob Lacey's Street Bible. Also, just about to order the Blokes Bible which looks good from reviews and is in the sale at Wesley Owen just now (£4.99). Looks like a good Mens Fellowship resource!

Take your point about the potential threat to small independent Christian Bookshops - I used to work for one. There is a lovely one in Perth and I'd hate to see that disappear, but know these indies usually benefit from local resourcing of churches. Hopefully this new venture from Amazon will aid the mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the New Living Translation, because it is very easy to read, and translated (well, modified at least) in a collaborative environment.

I'm also keen in checking out the NET bible more (http://net.bible.org) because, well, it from the interwebs.


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