Friday, June 16, 2006

New Music :: AlpineChic net label

Found another supercool netlabel while having a look on the ((internet archive)) :: ((AlpineChic)) :: Based in Zurich, they represent the Swiss underground electronica scene with some sweet releases by unsigned artists.

This is their first release :: ((High Underground)) :: its a compilation of nine of their artists and although it was released in 2004 (yes, I'm slow on this one) it sounds fresh and vital. "Scary Channel" by [pureape] is a standout piece of electro funk. "You always stayed beyond" by [leutohm] is another standout track - downtempo with super vocoder vocals and waves of synthscapes - reminiscent of AIR on their rubbish album ^___^

Recommend you check this comp out... its superior quality!

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