Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last night...

I was a pleasure to have coffee / toasties with a rather knackered Jon G, his lovely fiance Lorna to-be-G.... and to meet face-to-face a web pal :: ((Chris Hinton))

Date has been in the google calendar for a while... and I can't believe its came and gone!

We had a great evening drinking Old Brown Java (for which I am suffering for now :: my IBS doesn't like it!), making scoobies and watching Big Brother.

The highlights for me included Jon expressing his undying love for me... in front of my wife and his fiance! and talking web with Chris... who is, btw, looking to switch to Mac! Amen, brother!

As part of the discussion, I was invited to join the Salvationist website that Chris heads-up :: ((council of war)) :: it is a teaching site predominately designed for Salvationists... My plan is to provide my leftfield, emerging perspective... you know, my "I'm bored of religion but excited about Jesus" view... I need your support for this venture as I am a small fish in a big, new pond... one that contains some hardcore traditionalists who have been to college and, you know, done it all... I want to add value, not break things up with controversy.

Anyway, it was a pleasure! Folks >> let's do it again soon...


Anonymous said...

I will pray for you! You go, man! You ROCK!!!!! BTW, i LOVE South Park! :) It's the dark side of my soul - heeeeheeeheeeeeheeeeheeee!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thomas, you are perfectly capable of using God's gift in Bible Teaching in a new way. God has also given you His Spirit so that You will listen to Him as you guide others. It is His Word and his work you are involved in. Our prayers go with you too.

weareallghosts said...

Thank you both... I feel daunted >> worried that I'll rock the boat... upset the applecart... but, hey, its a challenge and I'm up for it.

Love you both


PS :: the southpark character is Chris.

Chris H said...

Wow, it's not often I visit someone's blog and there's a huge picture of me on the front page :)

Great to meet up with you guys last night, I hope we get the chance to do it again before too long!

As for Council of War - don't worry. Sure there will be things people disagree with, but, hey, that's the point of discussion! So long as people keep it civil I'm not worried about the boat rocking a bit. The thing is, we all have different views, but are all part of the one army. Kind of like the infantry and the SAS (I'll let you decide who's who!)

I'm looking forward to your contribution!

BTW - went to look at imacs today. Decided the cheaper one is more than adequate, but it's still a lot of cash. I have now saved the princly sum of... wait for it... £4.70.


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