Friday, June 23, 2006

New Music :: ((Wolfmother))

The Soos is a generous chap and whenever I meet up with him I usually end up with loads of new ideas...and the heads-up on new tunage. If he likes something strongly, he even gives me a copy.

((Wolfmother)) is one such album where he loves it so much, he gave me a copy... and I have to say it lives up to this endorsement.

It is tremendous... I love Led Zeppelin and this album is almost like a newly discovered, its-been-locked-in-a-dark-studio-for-years follow up to Houses of the Holy. It just has it... you know... the it that Paige & Plant had... the it Ozzy had when with Sabbath... before he became known more for being Sharon's husband.

It has the soul of '70's rock and it RAWKS!!! Fav track, so far, is White Unicorn which reminds me... so much... of Houses of the Holy with its jangly guitars and swooping guitar work.

Amazing... ((modular)) is really rocking with the Avalanches... Cut, Copy... and now Wolfmother...

Thanks bro!

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